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This blog highlights the day hikes my little clown Chico the Boston Terrier and I take mostly around Northern California.  We hike daily, so most of our hikes are only 3 – 6 miles with some shorter excursions and longer treks here and there.

My main goal of this blog is to get people out there exercising with their dogs. The right amount of exercise and mental stimulation solves 90% of behavior problems in dogs.Mental simulation includes sniffing, and dogs get to sniff plenty new things while hiking! Well exercised dogs are rarely surrendered or abandoned by their owners. Plus it creates a stronger bond and its good for both hooman and canine! Dogs who get the right amount of exercise live longer healthier lives just like us!

My other goal is to show people that hiking doesn’t have to be an all day or all weekend thing, that even an hour or two can be be fun and feel good! I want to inspire people to get out into our wonderful parks so they hopefully fall in love with them and support funding for parks, or volunteer.

We go to populated trails, as a woman, I want to see other people on the trails as I feel safer, and I mainly go to places where you will pass other hikers, joggers, cyclists, even horses quite frequently. We generally only take well marked trails, and I stay on the path for the most part.  I also try to include info like restrooms and paved trails for people who have medical concerns.

We started hiking when Chico was 5 months old 9 really smal forays into the woods), soon after I decided to quit the gym and use hiking for my main exercise instead. It took me 2 hours to drive to the gym and find parking and workout, and I decided that time would be better spent with Chico 🙂


Sometimes you try to take a pic of your Boston Terrier in a tree, and sometimes he tries to eat it!  Wildcat Canyon Gorge Trail.

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