Chico’s Barkbox Reviews

I love my Barkboxes so much that whenever the delivery person comes, I jump around in a circle on my hind legs!
If you read my Barkbox reviews and want to get your own, use this link for 10% off Barkbox coupon 🙂

20140917_144458_1_1 (1)This was my first Barkbox, mom barely had it open before I snatched the PetProjekt Tretbal Football out of it, she didn’t even have to put treats inside of it!!  It is still one of my favorite toys 4 months later. And she really loved the special dog towel in this Box!

20141119_135518_1The Thanksgiving Box had this awesome P.L.A.Y carrot in it…it is doubled layered and made from recycled materials,it is something mom never would’ve bought at the store, but I ruv it so much that I haven’t torn it apart,I just lick it over and over, and sleep with it between my paws.  This box had so many yummies in it, I lick my chops every time mom pulls the box of Wagatha’s Kitchen Sink organic cookies out!  Mom wasn’t sure about these when we were at the store, so she always passed them up.

20141218_154940_1I just got The December Holiday Barkbox !

20141218_154918_120141218_154708_1Action shot of me with the Yuletide Log…I brought this to bed last night!!  There was also an awesome rubber Red Xmas Bulb that mom put some treats in, and then I didn’t stop playing with it for 3 hours…it bounces crazy!! Mom couldn’t get a good shot cuz I was moving so fast, or hitting her in the leg with it! Mom never would’ve bought these things at the Store cuz she is a grinch, but I ruv them!

20141218_164850_220141218_165319_1The Barkbox also came with a special Holiday Bandana and yummy treats!

Mom’s Barkbox Review
Many of us are on a budget, and want to know, are the contents are worth the price?  Every box that we have received so far, has been worth more than the highest price subscription price.  I actually save money because if I go to the store, I will give in to my pups and buy too many toys and treats, I’m a pushover!  It’s also overwhelming to look at the 100’s of treats available at the stores around here.  So now I buy him his standard Natural Balance Lamb and Potato treats, and supplement with the monthly treats from Barkbox–which make a nice change on the hiking trail. So far he has loved every single toy that has come in the Barkbox.  We emailed to let them know that he is a heavy chewer,( a pawesome chewer) so we are sent tougher toys. Lastly, 10% of their profits go to help dogs in need.

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