About Chico

The Basics: (things we get asked the most)
Chico is a pure bred 25 pound Boston Terrier.
His B Day is June 24 2013, we got him from a breeder.
He eats Natural Balance Limited Ingredient, a few different flavors.  He had food allergies and intolerance to Blue Buffalo Orijen, and Arcana.
He was fixed when he was 1 years old, as recommended by our Vet.
He started hiking small hikes at 5 months old.
Though he has good recall, we hike on leash a lot because of other dangers.

Chico loves hiking!! He loves to sniff all kinds of stuff!  Boston Terriers have a lot of energy and are great little hikers, Chico is 25 pounds and he has no problem with 10 miles, and can probably do more:) If you have a smaller dog, or a puppy, and are concerned about distance, condition them and slowly work up the miles.  Also, for longer hikes, I don’t let Chico orbit, I keep him on leash,  If you let your dog orbit, they will do 2 -3 times your distance, so keep this in mind:)

Chico loves all people and all dogs.  He isn’t aggressive at all, and many people compliment his temperament.  He never barks at home unless it is a new UPS person, and he sometimes barks when trying to get another dog to play. He is a little clown and knows several silly tricks, though he still has a problem with jumping on certain people, and down stay. Also even though I have year round allergies, I don’t seem to be allergic to Boston Terriers.

The first night I got Chico, a friend texted me and said, “Welcome to your amazing Journey.”  At the time I thought, it’s a dog, what is the journey?  Getting a puppy at 8 weeks old has been an amazing experience. Previously I had only had older rescue dogs, and never experienced a puppy before. I’m glad that  I got this experience, I know all dogs are wonderful, and I see something special in every dog that I meet, but, it is like Chico was a uniquely made gift for me and my eclectic personality. I have never had a bond like this with a dog before, he is the right dog at the right time, and I am thankful for every day we get to spend together. So all this is to say, that if you are thinking about getting a Boston Terrier, I think it will be a wonderful choice:)


Some puppy pictures 🙂



IMG_20130819_200110_630 (1)

On the way home


A few minutes after we got home, waiting for puppy to come out when ready

IMG_20130827_161325_661 (1)

IMG_20130829_181200_053 (1)


IMG_20130917_165306_810 (1)


IMG_20131031_144238_628 (1)C



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