PuP Links & Sales Codes

Here are some of our favorite things, including a couple discount codes!

BARKBOX – Get a free box added to your plan! We have been getting these pawsome boxes for over a year! They also donate to dogs in need, Use code LASN1OKIIT


BULLY BUNDLES BULLY STICKS  100% natural, low odor. get 10% off with code CHICO

ANIMAL HEARTED — Cool Shirts, 25% goes to shelters, get 10 % off with code CHICOTHEBOSTON10 !


COZY DAWG  – Stylish hoodies and jackets for Boston Terriers, French bulldogs and pugs.  Joanne personally makes each item. Here is our hawt camo hoodie.



BARKY BOWS – Great quality bows, locally based in Alameda, Chico has several styles!



FROODIES HOODIES – Made especially for furbabys with bigger chest areas.  Really awesome quality, and warm. Tho we got this for Halloween, he still wears it.  We also have a plain red hoodie on order.


WONDER DOG RESCUE –Looking for a new companion, If you live in the East Bay check these guys out, they do incredible work!

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