Redwood Regional- Northern California Bay Area East Ridge Trail/Prince Road/ Stream Trail.


I was under the weather yesterday but hit the trail with Chico and a friend anyway, and it made me feel better! We did a 5 mile loop in Redwood Regional Nor Cal, Bay Area.

The loop was East Ridge Trail/Prince Road/ Stream Trail. East Ridge is easy and off leash if you choose, and many people and pooches will be on this trail ( as well as the West Ridge Trail on the other side)There are some amazing vistas on this trail. Prince Road is a moderate down hill, the trail is mostly even and flat, it is off leash, but has protection areas, and not as much traffic as the Ridge trails. Stream trail is On leash, it is where this photo was taken. There were too many people on the trail to get a good photo of Chico, but the photo shows how beautiful Redwood can be, Stream trail is easy to moderate, but you know after going down hill for a mile, you have to go back up:) There is a place called Girl’s Camp about 10-15 mins from the staging area, off Stream Trail, where we stopped to rest and snack, and there are restrooms and water here.

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