Moving with a Dog, Finally back on the trail + Flexi Leash Accessory Bag review

This post is about a few things : Moving with a dog, hitting Redwood again, and a review of the handy little Flexi Leash Accessory Bag.

We’ve had a crazy 6 weeks around here!
Not only did we move, but we built out our space beforehand as well.  We took a unfinished storage area and made it a live/work space, sanding the drywall stuff, painting it,  and then installing the Pergo Flooring.  Chico got to go to Home Depot a lot!

Then came the move, which wasn’t so bad ( except for maybe the emergency tooth extraction after I broke a tooth in half eating a bagel), but it took us quite a bit longer to unpack than we thought it would as we have no closets in the new space and had to look for storage stuff and build stuff, mostly IKEA,  but some of that stuff has 150 little parts! Some photos of the simpler stuff, including Chico’s new Toy Rack!


Umm, done with these photos, I want to play…



I was concerned about Chico and moving, because I know that some dogs have a real hard time moving, and besides being overly enthusiastic dog with some of my friends, he is a very good dog, especially inside the house.  I was nervous that this might all change, that he might chew on my stuff for the first time ever, or need to be house trained all over again, or get separation anxiety. I do not have a regular schedule at all for work.  So I brought him to the house and the neighborhood a few times before we moved in, and walked him around, and let him explore. I also made sure not to wash his blanket or bed–even tho he sleeps with me, he has these things for when I’m not home.

So far in the first month, he is great in the house as usual.  But he is a little more enthusiastic than normal with jumping on the people who live in the other apartments in the house, never strangers walking down the street, just people that I know and like. Besides the excitement of living in a new place (with a 9 and 11 year old boys who adore him I might add) part of this super excitement was being off our exercise amounts.  In the past week we have been able to bump back up to our normalish amount of exercise and ALL types of exercise, and he has calmed down with the housemates, and has started doing this new thing where he just stands on his hind legs when greeting them and trying not to jump on them– HEY LOOK AT ME I’M TALL! LOOK AT ME!


I’m tall!

There was so much to do that even just driving 15-20 minutes to a hiking spot was out of the question. So we have been walking in our neighborhood and beyond!  We live in Alameda and it is such a pawsome walking place!  Not only is part of The Bay Trail on the waterfront, but there are so many beautiful Victorians to look at and it is so dog friendly!  There is also a dog park near the water front. Which brings me to the Flexi Leash Accessory Bag.


Kiddie Boat we found in Alameda

I have been using Chico’s XL Flexi Explorer Leash (read earlier review here) because I wanted him to really sniff all the pee mail and get it out of his system.  It got so hot I didn’t want to wear a coat, and had no pockets really because I don’t wear my hiking gear to walk around the Island.  I also don’t like to carry a purse because it slides around when I bend over or play,  and a back pack seems over kill.  But the dilema was where to put keys, dog treats,  and money for human treats?  Solution? The Flexi leash Bag popped up on sale on my Kindle screen one day.

I like it so much that I also use it on our hikes now too.  It fits on the XL Flexi Leash just fine.  The pockets are bigger than I thought they would be, but not big enough for my Samsung Galaxy4 cell phone. However, I can slide the phone under the velcro and under the pockets in two different ways, so it has not been a problem.  Each pocket also has an outside easy access net pocket that I can put treats in, etc.  The pockets are big enough for keys, a couple rolls of poop bags, lipstick, gum, or I can squeeze my windbreaker in one pocket, or I can put the full waste bag in the other side, Chico is only 25 pounds tho, not sure a Great Dane’s poop bag would fit in the pocket:)  If we go for longer than 3 miles, I add my mini cross body messenger bag with water for him, and his 6 foot leash in case we stop and eat somewhere  It’s funny, the more activities I do with Chico, and the more we are sure to be out every single day, the more gear I like to have!  Sure, I could just suck it up and carry the backpack around, but a girl likes to be stylish too! I’m addicted to hiking gear and dog gear!


So Sunday, we finally got back out on the trail.  We went to Redwood Regional Park, and I had it in my mind that I had too much to do, so we would just do a short in and out from The Skyline Staging Area on the East Ridge Trail.  But the thing about Redwood is that it is so beautiful and inspiring, that once I get on the trail, I usually end up doing a longer loop hike, and there are endless loop options there.  Most of the trails are off leash, but Stream Trail which goes down the middle of the park is leash only, we don’t  mind this as it is still beautiful, and we usually use this as part of the loop. However one could easily just cross Stream trail and come back on the West Ridge Trail or Vice Versa as part of a loop for just a tad longer of a hike. Today we did East Ridge to Prince Trail and came back up Stream Trail, stopping to eat at the Girl Scout camp area which was empty.  There are always plenty of maps at the parking lot.  And yes it’s a busy park,  once you get off the main trails you will see less people, but if you fall and sprain an ankle, you will still see someone within 15 minutes usually. I prefer this, I am a clutz!  Redwood Regional is such a wonderful place to explore!  I’ve written more detailed accounts about some of the loops and trails before, and will write more as the summer progresses.




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