Redwood Regional Park, Northern California — West Ridge/Tres Sendas/ Stream Trail Loop, about 4.5 miles.

This shot is taken on the actual trail of Tres Sendas today. The loop is mostly shady, West Ridge trail is off leash, wide and flat, with easy up hills/downgrades. Tres Sendas is off leash, mostly all down hill, and pretty steep at points with boulders, tree roots, and crevices..Stream Trail is on leash, wide and flat..but an easy to moderate up hill back to Skyline Staging area. Some times I take the French Trail instead of Tres Sendas for around a 3 mile hike.

One could also just cross over Stream trail and cut over to Eucalyptus Trail up to the East Ridge Trail, and back to the Skyline Staging area. There are plenty of maps at the staging area. There are many off shoot trails to hike here, and all trails are well marked. East Ridge and West Ridge are popular with Dogs:) As you move off these trails, it gets less populated.

If you need an easy trail for strollers, etc…Take Stream trail from the other end, (Canyon Meadow Staging area) it is paved for a pretty good section of it, shady, goes thru the Redwoods, and has a few Bathrooms and resting areas. It’s really beautiful.

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