The Albany Bulb – Bay Area – East Bay -Northern California

20141110_153212_1Today we just went to The Albany Bulb since it’s close to home. Tho there are only a couple small trails here, it links up with the Bay Trail and there are many fun things for dogs–a large open field up top to play fetch, a rocky trail by the water, rocks to climb, and a small beach. One can get lost here for hours as there is a lot of urban art, as well as transient camps with art outside their tent villages. And beautiful views of The Bay and San Francisco.


There are many broken concretes slabs that Chico loves to explore, he will climb them and then wait for me to take a photo.  Most of these are on the trail that runs right along the water front. but can also be found on adjacent trails.


The official Trail that runs along the water front, isn’t that long, but when it ends, there is rocky terrain that wraps around the bulb, this part is very fun, and today instead of walking on the path made of rocks, I walked thru the water with my new Salomon Comet GTX, my feet stayed dry until I of course stepped in up to my knee.

20141110_152814_1 20141110_153649_1

Here Chico gets close to the edge and I worry about him jumping over…but I let him off leash on the bulb rocky trail part.


And Finally the Beach!

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