Foxtail PSA for those who hike with Dogs.


**Foxtail PSA** If you live in The Bay area Foxtails are out of control more than ever, and they are turning brown earlier because of the drought. They are everywhere, not just on the trails, but neighborhoods, and dog parks too. Many people I’ve talked to while hiking have no idea about these buggers.

When they turn brown they can get stuck in your dog’s nose, and cause bleeding and breathing problems, a friend of mine just had to carry his 65 pound dog 3 miles off the trail and rush to a vet. Another friend’s lab mix suffered a punctured ear drum a few weeks ago. They also can lacerate the eyes. Often times dogs will have to have surgery, that requires them to be put under anesthesia.  It’s so bad this year it’s been covered by local news

Many trails here are lined with Foxtails, but #ebrpd has,been out there mowing them down on some trails. The precaution I take is to keep my dog leashed. He doesn’t mind or have any less fun, he still gets to sniff stuff and be with me 😉

For more info including more technical explainations check out :

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