Heads Up! Jogger kicks pug and kills it near Tilden Park

pug-e1427319177349It is heartbreaking to have post something like this, I just can’t imagine…And according to some message boards and neighborhood groups, the jogger has attacked dogs before, but nothing can be done, he says he felt threatened. The 15 pound pug was running back to it’s owner and he went out of the way to kick it. There is a group actively seeking to get a photo of this guy and post it at all trail heads in the area. The guy is an older man over 6ft tall.  The trail that they were coming from is a dog friendly trail…yet the guy chooses to jog there all the time when there is a no dogs allowed trail near by. Both sides tell conflicting stories.

Even if the dog owner was lying, and  Mei Fun was pestering him…he is over 6 feet tall, how threatened can he feel by a 15 pound dog? Did he need to kick her that hard?

Keep your dogs close, truthfully anyone can kill your dog without any repercussions, all they have to do is say that they felt threatened. There have also been incidents of cyclists attacking hikers this year, recently a 60 year old woman was attacked. I usually have Chico on leash for most trails since I take new trails all the time, but I have made the decision to keep Chico on leash on all trails now, someone will have to get thru me first.

If you read some of the comments in the following story, you’ll want to keep your dog leashed too.


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