And were back!

Got back a few days ago from our wonderful camping road trip! Did you know most National Parks allow you to camp with your dog at developed campgrounds?  We camped at Grand Canyon, and Rocky Mountain National Park.  At Grand Canyon dogs are allowed on all top side trails, but not into the canyon…which is fine by me, I am too afraid of heights to hike down into the canyon!  Rocky Mountain we stayed at Moraine Park campground, and it was such an amazing experience, as we were there during rutting season for the Elks, and our camping loop was right on the edge of one of the viewing fields.  We also found plenty of dog friendly hiking outside the park. We’ll be writing about these as well as Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.


Grand Canyon South Rim Campground

Our unlimited miles rental car through Enterprise, was truly unlimited miles.  We put 6000 miles on the car in 16 days, and when we returned it the guy didn’t even bat an eye.  We of course checked several times beforehand that they were unlimited miles, but had read some horror stories.  Some smaller franchise Enterprises, I guess do charge people for going over a certain mileage a day, or only allow the car in bordering states.   All in all we broke even, or maybe have even come out ahead by renting a car.  We lucked out and got a Jetta which is quite roomy, AND gets 40+mile per gallon on the highway. My car gets 27 on the highway…and would’ve needed 2 oil changes, and takes premium gas.  One caveat, dogs technically aren’t allowed, but the agent just told me to put a blanket on the seat. I always do this anyway, I wrap the whole seat, and he is always harnessed in with the seat belt.


Rocky Mountain National Park, Moraine Park Campground Loop B

One thought on “And were back!

  1. Looking forward to the details! We went to a couple of places outside Lassen National Park and Mount Shasta. I love the Mount Shasta area, but their Forest Service campgrounds only had vault toilets (kind of my camping line in the sand)


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