Just Can’t Hike Without Chico. Stream Trail/East Ridge Trail/Canyon  Loop in Redwood Regional Park

I’m skipping ahead about 10 blog posts, because I just did something that was really a rewarding experience, and made the bond with my dog even stronger.  I guess  I’m co-dependent, I just can’t hike without Chico. He hurt his foot this weekend, and the Vet said limited activity for a week, but I have the week off so I bought a used jogging stroller for my dog off of Craigslist so he could still come with me.


We did the 6 mile Stream Trail/East Ridge Trail/Canyon  Loop in Redwood Regional Park. It is part of the 2015 East Bay Regional Parks Trail Challenge,  and I had done different parts of the loop before so I knew that the trails were mostly wide and flat, more like fire roads with not too many ruts.  Stream trail is actually paved part of the way.


Every mile or so he would get out and walk or sniff a little and then get back in. Going up hill with one these was a whole new work out! Chico would sense me struggling, and turn around and give me a kiss, and it helped! I really felt like I had accomplished something when I got to the top of one of these hills, that usually only left me a tad breathless.


If I had to get one again, I would also look for one with a brake, because the down hills were crazy!   I am so glad that I resisted the urge to bring a bunch of stuff just  because I could stick it in the storage net under the stroller.  The end of this loop, Canyon Trail which I had never done before was a super long decent.  I received a pro tip for going down hill next time, lift the front tire up.


We got the Jogging Stroller of Craigslist for $30, there were also some for $20 but they couldn’t be picked up right away, and some more expensive nicer ones that can be converted into bike carts that I might buy at a later day.  If you don’t have Craigslist near your location, you can get one on Amazon starting around $100.


Jogging strollers usually have 3 tires, and the tires are bigger which allow for better movement over bumps, or in my case through ruts and mud!  The tires also have air tubes, which helps the ride.



**Chico hurt his foot playing for hours at a Boston Terrier meet up, tho they were on grass, they must’ve veered onto the patio at some point, and he stubbed 2 quicks.  Thankfully, he didn’t have to get the toe nails pulled.

Screenshot (December 18, 2015 4_15 PM)-01



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