Bully Bundles Bully Sticks review

When Ryan from Bully Bundles contacted us to ask if we’d review their product, I was hesitant as Chico doesn’t seem to like bully sticks, pig ears, rawhide both real and fake, most bones, the Benebone, and he has had the same deer antler for over a year.


Just a few of the things we’ve tried


I have tried so many things, because I wanted a safe product that he can chew to clean his teeth. Mostly he licks these things a few times, and ignores them, or hides them. The deer antler he will gnaw on if we haven’t exercised for a few days, but that is rare, and even then only for a few minutes.  I do brush his teeth, but heck, I don’t know if I am really getting all the spots.  I have resorted to the healthiest dental chews I can find, that he will chew.


I also wanted to make sure that Bully Bundles were a good natural product before giving them to Chico. They are 100% natural with no added chemicals, and low odor too. I tried these things called “beams” once and I couldn’t even keep them in the house. Chico didn’t like them either.

To my surprise, Chico likes these and actually chews on them, he’ll even chew them on my bed, usually when he gets a treat like a dental chew, he goes in another room with his “prize.”




That he even chews this while on camera is a pretty big deal.  I only have a 5 second video, because he hopped off the table with the Bully stick. Our site doesn’t support video at the time, but the video is on our instagram.

He still only chews about half a stick and takes a week to do it, but it is a huge improvement.  I gave a couple to Marigold our upstairs neighbor’s GSD/Mastiff mix and she demolished each one in about an hour.

If you would like to try Bully Bundles you can get 10% off with the code CHICO.

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